Will Rock For Beer

You might take it that bands playing in this event are all beer addicts…well…possibly. But these guys won’t only be rocking for beer during this evening. They will also be rocking for your pleasure, for theirs, and for everything they believe in music-wise.

So you just come enjoy two bottles of beer while watching these talented bands and listening to some Rock n Roll and Heavy Metal!

This event is brought to you by EarBlend.



Entrance 20,000 LBP including 2 beers
The event starts at 9:30 sharp! So be there at 9:00 PM.
Don’t miss this night with these amazing local bands! We willl see you all there !
This event is covered by LebMetal.com who will also be setting a merchandise stand to support bands:
The Hourglass shirts + albums and EP
Alan Azar – “The Cosmologist”
Roswell – “Out of Reach”
Moe Kabbara – “Understated Imperfections” EP
Kimaera – “Solitary Impact” and “Ebony Veiled”
Monarchy – “The Rise And Fall At Lantis”
Blaakyum – “Lord of the Night”
Melancholy – “The Gospel”

If any band is interested to sell its merchandise contact Fadi Bk from LebMetal.

You can find more information about the bands and the event on our Facebook Page.

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